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Rabbit Hunting

While I was documenting hunters in New Zealand as part of a photographic project, I became aware of the abundance of rabbits that were being shot on farms and thrown in offal pits because they are seen as pests. This amount of waste was alarming to me. We are so quick to judge the use of fur and with the recent discussions of poverty in New Zealand why not utilise this valuable source, share it and respect it. I decided to try and find someone who could take me out and teach me to hunt them. My friend Eva and I met Ian, a hunter who agreed to take us out. We shot nine rabbits in total, not more than we could eat, and Ian showed us how to skin and butcher the meat. It was so important to use as much of the animal as we possibly could. The meat has been shared and some has been kept, the skins will be tanned, the skull has been cleaned and anything else has been used for pet food.

For the sensitive amongst us, documentary hunting photos below

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