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When I was eight years old I took pottery lessons. My parents bought me a kiln and my Mom still has one of the Picasso-inspired jugs (a portrait of a woman smoking a cigarette. Classic 90's!) that I made displayed in her kitchen. My pottery teacher taught me what being creative meant and the freedom it could give you. I believe life should be about sharing, which is why I am also a lecturer. There is nothing more rewarding than passing on and sharing your experiences.


As a photographer, stylist, and lecturer, I am privileged to have been part of many unique and interesting journeys. I have worn many photographers' hats from fashion and portraits to weddings and events. I have worked as a wedding coordinator and stylist and continue to work as a fine arts photographer, exhibiting my work. But really it is food photography and prop styling that has my heart (and also my partner - can't forget them!).


Carly X.

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