When I was eight years old I took pottery lessons. My parents bought me a kiln and my Mom still has one of the Picasso inspired jugs that I made displayed in her kitchen. It was my pottery teacher that taught me what being creative meant and the freedom it could give you. Since that day my inspiration to create has never faded. I believe life should be about sharing, which is why I am also a teacher. There is nothing more rewarding than passing on and sharing your experiences.


As a photographer, stylist, hunter and teacher, I am privileged to have been part of many unique and interesting journeys. Fossick and Forage is a space where I am able to share these stories with you, from photographing weddings to learning to hunt for my own food, from styling engagement shoots to photographing the most precious moments of a newborn baby’s life. We all have a story and I would love to hear and be able to share yours, whatever it may be.


Carly X.

Wedding photography and Styling