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Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. If you ever get to visit Cape Town, make sure you go up Table Mountain and watch the sunset, it is breathtaking. You can spend hours admiring the view of this amazing city and sharing your snacks with the dassies. The mountains that surround Cape Town are so majestic and as you wind along the cliff face with a shear drop to the sea on one side and colossal rock on the other, the sense of power and strength of the mountains is overwhelming. We visited Cape Town after the fires that devestated the landscape. On first appearence, it looks as if the mountains are covered in sand. I had to take a very close look to see that it was actually a thick layer of ash that had settled on the ground. With the blackened plants, photographs of the landscape almost appear black and white. This is a snippet of our journey to Cape Town on our honeymoon.

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