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The Fox Hunt

Planning a wedding, for some people, is a daunting task. For myself, planning our wedding was one of the best things I have been able to do. Your wedding day gives you the chance to be as creative as you like. It should tell a story, it should reveal who you are. I am completely obsessed with Dutch still life paintings. These paintings are a delicious combination of intense colour and exquisite window light, which is reminiscent of a rainy day. These paintings were to inspire the style of our wedding. The florals, by the truly talented Shaye from On My Hand, were to be abundant arrangements, with flora, fauna, fruit and spotted with imperfections. The cheese-grazing table was to be generous and lavish with overflowing delights, beautifully arranged by my sisters-in-law. There was to be taxidermy and stony pottery with a contrast of crystal and glass bowls. It was to be a cabinet of curiosities, our curiosities. We named it The Fox Hunt. As a perpetual forager, I spent a year collecting items and gathering what we already owned. Our invites were little books, hand-made with a stitched spine. It was to be the beginning of our story and held pictures of our curios. These books were slipped into hand-made leather pouches, which still held that beautiful smell of new leather. The books contained bus tickets, which were old cigarette cards of famous horses and jockeys. Our wedding favours were also to be the seating plan. Little medical bottles were filled with tasty liqueurs with the label reading each guest's name, a certain type of liniment such as 'pheasant liniment', and a number, which corresponded with each table and setting. While fossicking in an antique store I found two grouse feet broaches, which are supposed to be good luck charms. One was to become Scott's buttonhole and the other was to be attached to my bouquet. Almost everything you see in these AMAZING photographs by the one and only Danelle Bohane, has been collected, even down to the cutlery. We were amazingly lucky with the weather. The gloomy, rainy day light I was hoping for was perfect!


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